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Hey, girl!

I see you over by the granola bars, cruising down the snack-pack aisle. Today you’re feeling brave. It’s not everyday you throw on a pair of jeans, leave the sunglasses in the car, and rock “day three” smokey eyes like you planned it. (Which you’re killin’, by the way)


Your toddler is screaming in the shopping cart, your other two blessings are slamming each other up against the hamburger buns, getting gluten everywhere. (Gasp) But aside from the gnarly rash that forms on your neck when things get tense, you forge through the glares, because you’re a mama on a mission. You’ve got this. All you need is some freaking cool whip for your “Girl’s night” Pinterest recipe, and you’re going to get it before your mongrels burn down the joint, so help you GOD.

It’s only 10:30 AM and you’re already dreaming of that one way ticket to Bali, to go to that yoga convention thingy you read about, so you can finally put your daily stretchy pants to use, for their original purpose. And while you’re there, maybe grab a few artsy shots, leaning against some colorful, over-sized doors to post on your Instagram.

about 2

Hello again. I’m Tasha. I also happen to have 3 insane children, whom I love to the core of my soul, but whom also drive me to buy boxed wine, because at the end of the day, a bottle is never enough. It’s great to meet you. I live in the beautiful Pacific North West, along with my husband, 2 wild dragons and a sassy unicorn.

Let’s go “behind the scenes” together: To the messy house, the melt downs, the honest, raw, crazy parts of parenthood. The stuff most of social media pretends doesn’t exist, because it won’t fit into their filtered feed. It’s time to get honest. Join me in letting go of the facade and embracing right where we’re at. Hands in the middle.

“Bombing at Momming on three”…