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Valentine’s, shmalentine’s.

When I was a little girl, I loved Valentine’s Day. That day meant my dad would surprise me with flowers, candy and a present that made me feel like royalty. But between the ages of 16 to 26, when the dreaded love holiday came around, me and my single friends would refuse to acknowledge it’s existence. On the contrary, if I had a love interest at the time, there was nothing better than to receive those stale chocolates in a cardboard, heart shaped box, and a rose or 12.

Just admit it. Its a fun day to celebrate, when you have someone to celebrate it with. And strangely enough, after having kids, it becomes more of a holiday for them than for my husband and I. This past week I found myself strolling the aisles of Walmart looking for Valentine pressies for my kids. No, I didn’t forget my husband. I typically get him something creative for Valentine’s Day, and lucky for him, this year was a pair of custom made socks with my face all over them. You’re welcome, Darling.

Back to Walmart. Candy is crucial on this holiday. And although it doesn't quite feel like Valentine's day without those stale, break your tooth, powedered, heart-shaped rocks that come in that little box, I decided to go the safer route with M&M's. We're a chocolate loving family in this house. So 2 boxes of M&M's, check. Next, the kids could use some board games. Anything to get them off their tablets! They're finally at that age where they can sit for more than 6 seconds, so I snatched up Candy land and Shoots and Ladders. If that isn't a blast from the past, I don't know what is. And now for the fun part. Lately, my kids have been interested in coins. They think a couple pennies will buy them that spaceship they’ve always wanted. And conveniently for them, I found some piggy banks to hold their treasures. My older son gets the Batman piggy bank, and my younger son gets a poop emoji piggy bank. (You all know why) My goal is that they start saving now, so by 18 they can put themselves through college. It’s their only hope for a better future. And to think it all started with a ceramic poop bank.

Our baby girl is getting a stuffed elephant and a book called, "I love you this much". Now, I could have given her a hug for Valentine's day and she would have been fine with it. But then our boys would think we love them more, so we really only get her gifts to keep them in check. And if we were being totally honest, she's on the top of our list more often than they are. Just sayin'. But for real, I can not WAIT to get her decked out for her first daddy daughter dance in like 3 years. Dresses and frills and sparkles, OH MY. I'm excited to make Valentine memories with my daughter and give her that foundation of love before its tarnished by an evil boy. 

Did I mention I have the privilege of joining my 4 year old for his Valentine's Day party at school? One of my greatest joys, as the queen of all introverts. But I'm branching out for the sake of love, people. Plus, I'm in charge of bringing the sprinkles. I'm kind of a big deal. So, this morning I walked over to my son and said, "Are you excited I get to come with you to your Valentine's party?" and he says, "Yeah, but be careful. Don't ruin stuff." I said, "Ruin stuff?" and he goes, "Yeah, all our heart stuff!". Well, excuse me, sir. I'm usually the one giving you that pep talk before we enter a room that isn't covered under our home owners insurance. I most certainly am not used to you giving it to me! And although I may not be the most emotional person on the planet, I have nothing against heart stuff. Well, despite his unrealistic concerns, I assured him I would not run into his classroom like a wild banshee, knocking his fellow classmates down to get to the candy first. He seemed satisfied with my promise. 

So, our Love day will be filled with parties, family dinner and Shoots and Ladders. These are the sweet memories our kids can look back on through their awkward single years and at least remember they are loved. It may not be as cool as being loved by a hot chick or a handsome prince, but your mom and dad love you little turds, always and forever. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! 
Hands in the middle. Bombing at momming on three...


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